on the streets

Tour of the new energy saving via bus and a quick word with the CEO.

VIA recently released their new energy saving busses on the streets of San Antonio! We got a chance to check out the bus that is complete with wi-fi and speak with the current CEO. VIA also launched a new app called "goVia" which allows you to schedule your trips and pre-pay for trips! Be sure you like the VIA social media pages to stay updated on community meetings and events

Checking out the newest Goodwill Store and Donation Station on W.W White Rd.

The new Goodwill Store and Donation station is now open and serving up some awesome deals. We had a chance to speak with the store General Manager and a few of the employees on this video. We have shopped there many times since the Grand Opening and encourage you to stop by and see some of the great finds. Remember, when you shop Goodwill you help get people jobs!

In tha studio

Former President of Omega Psi Phi stops in to chat about the organiztion & the famous white party.

A great conversation about the Greek life and the importance of Fraternities and Sororities in the community. Former Omega Psi Phi President shares all the great programs and opportunities that the organization provides and talks a little about the famous white party.

A fantastic morning of random conversation. Hitting all kinds of hot topics.

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A Quick Word with Anthony Hamilton

Anthony was in town for a one night only show!  The adudience loved him and his back up singers the Hamiltons.  Anthony says be on the look out for new music and more shows!

A Quick word with DMC

The legendary DMC gave us a few minutes of his time at the San Antonio Comic Con.  DMC has two comic books out with a special edition you can only get at the comic con events.  New music is definetly on the horizan.